Live your Dream and wear your Passion !

Live your Dream and wear your Passion !

Our craving for adrenaline-pumping activities and deep love for streetstyle culture inspired the birth of zfgarage in 2011. Shortly after, our fascination with unique experiences and aesthetic creativity sparked a new ambition, to create our own clothing line. Products that represent our aesthetics, inspired by the culture we embody, and capable of making us feel beautiful and unique as we wear them daily.

Since 2013, this passion has been guiding us to continuously create more and higher quality products, combining current trends with our old-school philosophy, as we are children of the 80s 🤙

Our clothes are manufactured in Greece. They are sewn in local workshops using high-quality, eco-friendly materials, resulting in a large community of satisfied individuals who wear them both in Greece and abroad.

We mainly use Greek fabrics made of 100% cotton and, along with the authenticity labels you'll find on the inside and outside, they compose the final product, which comes with a ZF Classic Square Sticker 👌

Once they are sewn, the clothes undergo quality checks, ironing, folding, and finally, they are airtight packaged. After being stored on our shelves, they are added to this eshop's basket and delivered to you 😁

Creation is a beautiful feeling, and that's why we put a lot of passion into it and as a token of appreciation for your support all these years, we always choose fabrics and colors with the aim of creating unique and distinct clothing.

This year, we celebrate an entire decade since we started manufacturing our products. It has been a challenging and unknown journey for us. We gather our experiences and appetite for innovation and progress and continue to do what we love the most! To see you smile while wearing our clothes.

Since our beginning, we have maintained excellent communication with you, and you can, of course, send your ideas, suggestions, or even complaints either through the communication section or directly to our email,


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